March 12, 2010

First Things First – Why Naturopathy?

Tolle Causam

“A surgeon is out jogging by a swiftly flowing river when he hears the cry of a drowning man. The surgeon dives in, pulls him ashore and resuscitates him. He resumes jogging, only to see another man drowning. He drags the second man out and gets him breathing. The surgeon gets back to jogging but before long comes across another drowning man and another.

Looking for help he calls upon a complementary medicine practitioner who is standing nearby absorbed in thought. The surgeon calls out to him to go after one drowning victim while he attends the other. When the practitioner of complementary medicine is slow to respond the surgeon shouts “why aren’t you doing anything?” The complementary medicine practitioner finally responds “I am doing something. I’m desperately trying to figure out who’s throwing all these people into the river”  Prof. Ian Brighthope M.D., M.B.B.S., D.Agi.Sci, FACNEM FACHM.


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